Member Education

BNI Referral Master ClearwaterAn important part of the success of the BNI Referral Masters Clearwater Florida Chapter is the direct result of an education system that will generate qualified referral to boost your business. Education is accomplished within the structure of each meeting, special Leadership Team training and Member Success programs.

Along with our weekly business presentations and the good exchange of referrals, WOM “Word Of Mouth” and Referral based marketing education is conducted.

Two of BNI’s goals are: (1) to educate members that networking is more about “farming than it is about hunting,” and about cultivating relationships and (2) to better educate, guide, and inform members in the process of word-of-mouth- based, referral business.

To accomplish these goals requires a commitment from the source (BNI) and a commitment from the member (you). The arena for achieving success is the chapter meetings. Members teach members about their respective business and the chapter Educational Coordinator shares word-of-mouth insight that has been documented or experienced. Success is generated through the referrals passed and the relationships that ensue.

BNI Referral MastersSome of the keys to effective word-of-mouth education are, solid 30-second and an 8-minute presentations, putting together a contact sphere that truly compliments your profession, developing an easy to implement plan that puts the “givers gain” philosophy of BNI at the forefront of helping others to achieve positive results and providing fellow members with from the heart testimonials that applauds the credibility of the member’s hard work.

In addition, you can polish your skills by reading articles and books, as well as listening to tapes about the art of networking. The BNI website provides specific recommendations in the Learning Center section. Meet outside of your chapter meeting with fellow members with “from the heart testimonials” that applauds the credibility of the member’s hard work.

In summary, make education a priority of your networking experience. The more you learn, the stronger the referrals and relationships in solidifying your business foundation.

Norm Doninguez
U.S. National Director BNI