Leadership Team

BNI Referral Masters Leadership Team


The President is responsible for chairing the meetings each week, ensuring that we follow the 18-point structured agenda (see Our Meetings) developed by BNI and which is proven to maximize the business passed in any BNI chapter.

Vice President

The VP responsible for creating the chapter’s vision, mission and setting goals for the term. As chairperson to the Membership Committee the VP role is important in determining who are the right and best people to have in our chapter (company).

Secretary / Treasurer

The Secretary / Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records, coordinating the weekly member speaker’s list, introducing speakers and encouraging our guests to become members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee acts as our Human Resource Dept for our chapter.  They committee screens new member applications to assure there is no conflicts in a classification, reviews that members are presenting qualified referrals and other related networking tasks.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator is responsible for developing programs designed to provide networking education to the our chapter members. This is done on a weekly basis and will assist all develop their networking skills.

Visitor Host

Our Visitor Hosts have the important job of meeting and greeting visitors to our chapter with a warm welcome. The Pre-Visitor Hosts also introduce the guest during the open pre-meeting networking to members who can learn more about their business. Our Visitor Hosts and are accountable for explaining the value of BNI membership, what is required to become a member, answer any questions and help visitors through the membership application process.

Mentor Program Coordinator

The chapter’s mentor program to help assure members are maximizing their BNI investment.

Leadership Team Contact Information

President, Jason Avery
(727) 430-1417 – Email Jason

Vice President, Robin Lavich
(727) 776-7766 – Email Robin

Sec/Treasurer, Kristina Houser
(727) 743-2304 – Email Kristina